To increase the capacity of support workers and other professionals working with individuals with an acquired brain injury (ABI) Samantha and her colleague Inbal Luft developed a training protocol. Here is the poster presentation that was presented at ASSBI - May 2014 which highlights the success and importance of this training.  If you are interested in training please contact inspire rp to discuss further.


- Individual sessions to promote change and increased happiness through enhancing goal attainment, social skills and problem solving abilities.

- Training to support workers and carers, and others involved to foster an enabling approach to support.

- Facilitating training to build capacity within the sector.

- Research collaborations to increase knowledge within the sector to improve outcomes.

I am a registered Clinical psychologist, Medicare approved, based in Sydney with over 15 years experience in Clinical Psychology services to adults ( 16 – 65) following complex and catastrophic injuries, particularly acquired brain injury.

inspire, rehabilitation and psychology

Alethea Tomkins is a qualified clinical psychologist (registrar) working with adolescent and adult clients in the Greater Sydney, Blue Mountains and Central Coast regions of NSW.

Providing a goal directed approach, supporting individuals and their support networks to be inspired to achieve their goals.