A practical approach to understanding and supporting people with cognitive and behavioural impairments after brain injury


Over 700,000 Australians have a brain injury. Some of these injuries occur after birth - strokes, falls, accidents,assaults and more - and are known as acquired brain injuries (ABIs).

Improving choice, quality and service delivery for the changing needs of people living with an ABI.

Samantha Grant (inspire rehab & psychology), together with Robina Moubarak (Social Worker, Liverpool Brain Injury Unit) is excited to be presenting at the 4th Annual National Acquired Brain Injury Conference, where they will be speaking about:

Alison Elwin is an experienced Rehabilitation Counsellor, having worked in case management, injury management and prevention roles for over 17 years.


I am an experienced Social Worker and Rehab Case Manager in adquired brain injury and spinal cord injury as well as mental health.

Providing a goal directed approach, supporting individuals and their support networks to be inspired to achieve their goals.